Visa Type

Child Adoption

Child adoption visa allows an Australian Citizen or/ Permanent Resident or/ Citizen of New Zealand to adopt a child from outside Australia. Thus visa allows the visa holder to Live, Study and work in Australia for indefinite period. Even apply for Australian citizenship (if eligible).

Eligibility Criteria for Adoptive Parents:

  • At least one of the parent should be an Australian Citizen or/ Permanent Resident or/Citizen of New Zealand
  • The child should be outside Australia during lodging and granting of a visa.

Eligibility Criteria for children:

  • Younger than the age of 18.
  • Adoption process should have been initialised or completed.
  • Sponsered y an Adoptive Parent.


Our Success Story

At Sunmarg Migrations Australia we have expertise in child citizenship visa.
Here is a brief example One of our recent cases.

  1. In this case, Child was already refused His Citizenship application twice.
  2. They were already disappointed with their previous agent and didn’t know where to go.
  3. Reason of the child’s previous refusal was that he lived overseas for about 2.5 years during the first 10 years of the child.
  4. When the client came to Sunmarg Migrations Australia we were able to show the client with some unidentified merits in their case and gave them some confidence in the new application filed by us.
  5. Our team at Sunmarg was able to approve Child Citizenship in 1st application

So if you are having a similar type of problem or need to apply for a new application for child citizenship Apply with Sunmarg today.

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