Child Citizenship Awarded after being outside Australia for near to 3 Years

Another success of Sunmarg Migration Australia in getting a grant for Child Citizenship in just 10 days. 

According to the citizenship act, Children born to temporary residents in Australia can be granted citizenship after 10 years of being “Ordinarily Resident” in Australia.

Let us dive into the Success Story of Srimai Vontella whose Citizenship was granted recently:

  1. Srimaiā€™s parents arrived in Australia on Student (SC 572) Visa. During their stay in Australia Srimai was born. 
  2. While staying in Australia Srimai used to visit her grandparents in India. During some of her visits, she used to stay longer than 6 months. Infact, in total she stayed overseas for about 3 years in India (during the first ten years of her life)
  3. Soon after the application, we received a notice from the department to explain all the significant gaps of stay in India
  4. We prepared a 30 page submission in response to the notice
  5. Within 10 days of that response, we got the citizenship approval. 

Please watch the video from this family which says all about their experience while dealing with Sunmarg Migration Australia. 

We are extremely delighted and proud of the result.   At Sunmarg Migration Australia, we specialize in child citizenship cases. In case you have a child and who has recently turned 10 years old, then reach out to us, as your child may be eligible for citizenship.

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