Partner visa granted to the couple after being refused

This is a case of Husband and wife, where Husband came to Australia in October 2014 on a Student Visa. In May 2015, he met his to be wife at a club. After a few Months of their relationship, they got married in May 2015. As the wife was an Australian citizen, in Mar 2016 Husband lodged an application for Partner (SC 820) visa. In July 2017, Husbands Student Visa got Expired and a Bridging Visa A was granted on base of Partner Visa Applied earlier. But in October 2017, Partner Visa Application was refused on Ground of non-genuine relationship

After an Unsuccessful Partner Visa Application, the husband had 28 Days to challenge the decision in AAT else he would have to depart from Australia. At this time, the couple came to Sunmarg Migration Australia Pty Ltd. We appealed at AAT. The Tribunal Hearing was held in March 2020 which almost run for seven hours. Despite the exceptionally lengthy hearing, much was desired to be discussed. When we insisted on and got another hearing just after two weeks. During the Second Hearing Tribunal took the decision in the favour of clients and remitted the case back to the department of home affairs. This means we won the case and the department will review the application again for a few formalities and grant the visa.

After winning the case in AAT client was granted the Partner visa (temporary) (class UK) (SC 820) in Aug 2020 and on the same day he was also granted partner visa (permanent) (SC 801)

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