Full-Time Work Rights Granted On Bridging Visa

Full-Time work rights granted to the applicant on a bridging visa while awaiting his AAT hearing for his student visa refusal

1. Client came to Australia with her family on aa visitor visa

2. Soon afterwards, they planned to study and applied for a student visa

3. Unfortunately, their student visa got refused in Feb 2020

4. At this point of time, they appealed to AAT in Feb 2020

5. At the same time, they were left with a bridging visa A with no work rights

6. Subsequently, their migration agent at the time applied for work rights two times and unfortunately, both applications got refused

7. The client under much duress approached us in Sep 2020

8. We prepared a legal submission and applied for work rights and to their surprise, they got work rights within 2 days

Moral of the story: If you prepare a strong application then you can get work rights

For all applicants out there who do not have work rights, whether you are waiting for your visa or AAT or federal court etc.

You might still be eligible for work rights now!!

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