Successfully Replied to PIC 4020 Notice

  1. The client was already living in Australia when he applied for Student (SC 500) Visa with help of the previous agent
  2. While his visa application was under process he received Adverse Information notice under PIC 4020 (Fraudulent Documents / Misleading Information).
  3. After which the client panicked and was referred by his previous agent to Sunmarg Migrations Australia.
  4. We successfully replied to his PIC 4020 Notice and his student visa was approved.

If somebody’s application is refused due to PIC 4020 (Which could be due to Misleading Information / Bogus Document) then the applicant o the member of his family unit cannot apply for any further visa for next 3 years. This is a very serious notice with far itching implication for applicant and his family in Australia. In case you have or ever receive PIC 4020 Notice then please reach Sunmarg Migrations Australia.

PIC 4020 Notice | Sunmarg Migration Australia

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