AAT Remitted Partner Visa Application waving Schedule 3 Criteria | Success Story

This case is a great example of how Mr. Sunny P. Chandra was able to get a client Partner visa granted even though many hiccups in the process where the biggest one was that the client did not fulfill Schedule 3 Criteria. This case can also showcase the dedication of Sunmarg Migration Australia towards their client. Let us dive into the details of the case from the start.

  1. The client Arrived in Australia on a Student SC 572 visa. After some time, his student visa ceased, and he became illegal.
  2. After a few years, the client married an Australian citizen and lived as a happily married couple. Unfortunately, the client did not have any substantial visa and was eventually detained and taken to the detention center.
  3. Migration Agent at the time made pretty substantial but wrong moves that didn’t help the case. At this point, the client approached Sunmarg Migration Australia. We got him out of the Detention Center and applied for his Partner Visa. Partner Visa was unfortunately refused due to Schedule 3 provisions and genuineness of relation.
  4. We appealed to AAT. We were able to demonstrate to the AAT, The genuineness of the applicant and the emotional connection between the Applicant, Sponsor, and Sponsor’s Family. After this lengthy submission and hearing at AAT, we won the case!!

Currently, the client is a PR!!

“Schedule 3 Criteria are applicable in cases where the applicant does not make the next visa application within 28 days of the last visa ceasing.”

Application Remitted by the AAT

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